National Conference of Romanian Psychologists 2012

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National Conference of Romanian Psychologists 2012
02 Oct 2012
The 6th edition of the National Conference of Romanian Psychologists was held between 25th – 29th September, in Brasov. During the conference, there were more than 20 workshops sustained by various psychologists across the country. One of the workshops sustained by Dr. Ruxandra Rascanu from University of Bucharest, Dr. Mara Priceputu and Dr. Viorel Pascu was entitled Psychological Assessment with BioFeedback Multimedia System BF -2000x-pert.

Although the workshop it was in the morning, the participants were quite interested in the BioFeedback 2000x-pert and the case studies presented by Dr.Viorel Pasca. For many of the participants, this workshop was the first contact they had with the system. Even if young psychologists are considering the system as modern and innovative, the biofeedback has a long history in psychology, although lately has fallen into obscurity (especially in Romania).
We hope for the future that more psychologists become interested in the system and they will ingrate it into their private practices across all individual offices in Romania.

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